Since people started using android phones they started accessing email service. Now a day people always want to connect with their virtual world and want to get every single information about their work. But when it comes to using big pond email service in android phone, they face some difficulties. Most of the users failed to create proper settings in their phones. As a result, they did not receive the last minute update or any last minute change of their project or any other important matter. Bigpond Webmail service is popular among the users. But without proper settings it is hard to get.

Bigpond Webmail


Bigpond support team suggests the users to follow some steps which help them to sync with android phones. Those steps are discussed below-

  • Before going for bigpond email settings, users are instructed to verify their customer details.
  • After that, users need to provide username and password in the given box (in the login information section) in the display.
  • After that, users need to find out their desired mail box which they are using.
  • Users need to maintain a proper format .It will be like –
  • Incoming POP
  • Incoming POP mail- Port 995.
  • Outgoing SMTP server –
  • Outgoing SMTP -587 or 465
  • Incoming uses SSL-on
  • Outgoing uses SSL-On.
  • Authentication Outgoing server (SMTP) authentication- Same as incoming server.
  • Then, bigpond webmail users need to sync the contacts.
  • After that, users need to tap on the ‘’settings’’ option.
  • Then, users are instructed to tap on the ‘’accounts’’ section.
  • Next, users need to tap on ‘’add account’’ option.
  • Users will have a list of various accounts. They need to choose. Users need to select the ‘’email’’ section. Then, users are instructed to provide their bigpond webmail address and password.
  • After that, users are instructed to choose the ‘’manual setup’’ option.
  • Next, users are instructed to choose the type of account. Then desired account type will be ‘’IMAP’’. Then, users are instructed to mention a proper IMAP server. Then users need to choose desired security type is –SSL. Next, users need to provide proper SMTP server. Under SMTP server, users need to proper desired security type- TLS and the server port should be -587.
  • After that, users are instructed to tap on ‘’next’’ option. Next, users need to select ‘’add account’’ option. Finally users need to add bigpond account. And it is done finally.

Bigpond webmail users always prefer to keep contact with the bigpond technical team. They never waste time on fixing any issue by their own. Sometimes they got success in fixing any problem but there is not warranty that, it (that problem) won’t return again. `That’s why it is necessary to take professional help.

Bigpond users can use bigpond help number if they want to discuss their problems or share their feedback with the technical team. This helpline number is toll free. Technicians are always available for them as it’s 24×7 hours based service. Users can use the customized service package which is meant to provide high end solution within budget and duration. All technicians are well efficient in solving different problems within deadline. But they demand very reasonable charges. They love to take challenges.

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