Without password no one can access any email address. When it comes to Gmail service, people have some confidence that it is very easy to handle. To some extent they are right. But after a certain point, they need some technical guidance. When it comes to Gmail password recovery related issue then they feel helpless. Sometimes they don’t understand the reason of access failure of own account. And they just leave their account or rather say they switch over their online activities in to a different email service.

Gmail Password Recovery

To deal with Gmail hacked account users need to follow a strict guideline which called Gmail password recovery.

Users need to follow this procedure very carefully. These are discussed below-

  • Firstly, users need to open the actual website of Gmail.
  • Then, they need to take attempt for the sign in for that particular account.
  • Next, users are need to click on the ‘’settings’’ option.
  • In settings option users need to click on the ‘’accounts and import’’ option.
  • After that, users have to click on ‘’change password’’.
  • Next step is, users have to mention the current password.
  • Then, users need to create a new password.
  • Users should reconfirm about the correctness of the password, users need to type the new password again. It helps them to rectify the wrongly typed password.

Want to know when users should follow Gmail password recovery procedure?

  • It is the high time when users failed to access own Gmail account.
  • It‘s an alarming when users don’t find out important mails in their account.
  • It is quite scary moment when users receive a notification mail of transferring money to an unknown account.
  • It is the time when users got complaining mail from the people (who are in their contact list) due to sending abusive mails. In reality, users did not send those mails.

How to prevent password related issue?

  • Users should follow 2 step verification process.
  • After that, users should create a strong password. They can mix the number and alphabets together.
  • They should keep a note whenever they change their password.
  • Users should not use the same password for long time.
  • Users should change the password at a regular interval.
  • But they should not change the password too frequently. Otherwise they will be confused regarding the actual password.
  • Users should keep an eye on which browser they are using during access Gmail account. Sometimes, due to changing the browser users failed to access own Gmail account.
  • Sometimes due to outdated browser, users failed to access own Gmail account. To avoid this, they need to upgrade the version of the browser.
  • Sometimes, due to different time zone or location, users failed to access own Gmail account. They should do something in this regard.
  • During using public computer or any other device (mobile, tablet) they should log out from Gmail account while they finished.

If the Gmail password recovery process seems difficult to follow or users have to stop follow this process, then during the procedure, they can take help from Gmail customer service.

This technical team is very popular due to-

  • 24×7 hours based service.
  • All technicians are well qualified.
  • All technicians have prior experience in this field.

If the users have any query or problem, they can dial the Gmail login problem phone number. It is toll free.  This helpline number is open for 24×7 hours basis. Technicians are always available for them.

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