Usually there are situations when you have difficulty in remembering the password of your Hotmail account in that situation you are unable to access the account properly. There are various other issues that you have to face while using the Hotmail. All these problems could be easily solved when you call us in Microsoft helpline number and seek help of our expert team. They will also help you in the process of recovering the password. Once the problem is resolved you can again access the account without any problem.

Microsoft Helpline

When you have more than one account, then it is possible that you get confused between different passwords. Recovering a password involves few steps but sometimes these steps may be difficult to interpret. Here we will discuss various situations and the relevant steps that if followed properly could avoid the problem itself. If you need any kind of help, then simply dial Microsoft support number. There are mainly three ways by which you can recover your password. Those are:

  • By answering the security question that you have set up while signing up in your account.
  • By the secondary email address that is linked to the Hotmail account.
  • By the SMS which you will receive in the mobile number that is linked to your primary account.

Further we shall discuss all these steps in detail. At any moment if you need help, call us in Microsoft helpline number. When you find that you have forgotten your password then the first thing that you need to do is you ask for the security question that you have set for that particular account. In case you have forgotten the answer of the security question then you can take help of the experts by calling in Hotmail support number.

For recovering the password, you need a secondary email address in which you will receive the steps of recovery. If you do not have it then you have to follow the steps to link the email address to your account and if you need more help, then you can simply take help of Microsoft customer service team. Suppose you have a secondary email address for the specified account, then you have to click on forgot password link which is present in login page itself. When you call in Microsoft helpline number then you will receive appropriate help from our executives for resetting the password.

You have to enter your full email address over the enter your email column then you have to click next in the support page after that you have to follow the mentioned steps one by one for recovering the password. These steps are very easy to follow but at any point of time if you have any problem in understanding any of the steps then you can always take help of our support company by dialing Microsoft helpline number. Our team is well equipped with modern tools so they are able to help you instantly and very accurately.

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