In this article some of the simplest methods by which one can ensure the safety security and recover hacked Bigpond email have been discussed.

With the increased use of emailing service for any form of communication, whether personal or business, the chances of this information being accessed by an unknown parties have also amplified. Various programs like spyware, Trojan, worms and other malware’s can latch on to the keystrokes, thereby identifying the password to email IDs, bank accounts and provide other such information to strangers. Since, most of these communications are carried out over emails it is essential to ensure the security of the email account itself.

recover hacked Bigpond email

When one tries to recover hacked Bigpond email the user often overlooks the fact that the hacking maybe the result of negligence on part of the user. Additionally, all email service providers insist that the user must follow all the security procedures while creating the email account to prevent hacking of the mailing system. Most of the calls received on the Optus email help are mostly regarding hacked account or password not matching the particular email ID. Thus, it is essential that the end user as well as the service provider both must be careful about the security of the email account to prevent intrusions.

Some of the tips to ensure the security of an email account are as follows:

  • Try not to store the email account and the corresponding password in a file on a system. If the system gets infected by a malware, this will be the easiest method of accessing the email ID and its corresponding password.
  • In case of business emails an organization can opt for hosted emailing service. Herein the chances of hacking are minimum as information is transferred through a secure grid.
  • Always provide two authentication or identity proof. These should be personal details like mobile number or home address. This will provide additional security to the email account.
  • Ensure that the system or mobile device from which the email ID is being accessed is not affected by a malware.
  • If the mail is viewed from a third party email client like Outlook, Apple mail or Thunderbird, then ensure that the configuration has been done correctly.

Hence, before opting for password recovery, ensure that the account has actually been hacked in to. After that, inform the email service provider of the intrusion, so that the company itself can take security measures.

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